27 March 2024

Prepsoil is creating an online library on soil health

PREPSOIL promuove la nascita di una biblioteca online sulla salute del suolo. Immagine:  PREPSOIL

The Knowledge Hub is an initiative implemented as part of the European Prepsoil project with the goal of building a multilingual online library to aggregate soil knowledge by engaging the community

by Matteo Cavallito


Spreading soil knowledge throughout Europe: that’s the goal of Knowledge Hub, the latest initiative launched by the project Prepsoil – Preparing for the “Soil Deal for Europe”. This effort, with contributions from several partners who have provided various resources, aims to build a multilingual online library for the promotion of best practices, documents, videos and publications focused on soil health.

“The primary goal of the Knowledge Hub is to act as a soil literacy aggregator, gathering information to improve access to existing soil resources,” Ning Huang, project officer from PREPSOIL partner Aarhus University explains. The online library aims to inspire and connect citizens by also providing specialized content for educational purposes.

A hub open to contributions

All resources are ranked according to their relevance to EU Mission Soil objectives . Namely, the promoters recall, reducing desertification, preserving organic carbon stocks, and stopping soil sealing. As well as increasing the reuse of urban soils, reducing pollution and advancing restoration, preventing erosion and increasing biodiversity.

The Knowledge Hub is now open for contributions from the public who can upload their resources online (click here). Suggested material is reviewed by a Prepsoil editorial board before being published.

As of the end of March 2024, the Knowledge Hub included 253 resources in 13 different languages. “The Knowledge Hub being multilingual is essential to engage citizens and raise awareness about soil health and related issues at a local level” Ning Huang explains. By providing information in different languages and promoting collaboration among stakeholders, in particular, the hub aims to create a vast repository of knowledge for the benefit of communities, researchers, policymakers and citizens, advancing the soil mission and its goals globally.

The Prepsoil project

Prepsoil initiative, involving 20 partners including Re Soil Foundation, was launched “to support the implementation of the Soil Mission by creating awareness and knowledge on soil needs among stakeholders in regions across Europe.” The project, in particular, wants to provide assessments and efforts to improve the knowledge baseline by working together with innovation centers such as Living Labs and LightHouse Farms. The goal is to reach a broad audience that includes universities, citizens, students, teachers, land monitoring agencies and the society as a whole.

As part of the project, Re Soil Foundation contributes in dissemination activities, communication, stakeholder engagement, identification of land needs, mapping of innovative players (such as Living Labs and LightHouse Farms indeed), monitoring and promotion of education and knowledge.