Founded in 2020, Re Soil Foundation aims to protect one of our planet’s most important and neglected natural resources: soil.
Promoted by University of Bologna, Coldiretti, Novamont and Turin Polytechnic, the Foundation works to enable a step change in soil health and local regeneration.
Re Soil plans to foster activities in the sectors of scientific research, technology, education and information to grow the understanding of soil health, quality of life and system decarbonization.
Collaboration is crucial to reach this common goal. By connecting players and initiatives across sectors, Re Soil Foundation aims to support the transition process toward a sustainable future with soil health at its core.


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The origins of the University of Bologna go way back. Founded in 1088, it is considered to be the oldest university in the Western world.

The university has more than 87,000 students, 221 Degree Programmes of which 84 are International, and 5 campuses (Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini). It has 33 departments, 48 PhD programmes, 59 specialisation schools, 91 first and second level professional master’s programmes and an average of 11,000 resource products per year.

The University of Bologna is the first athenaeum in Europe in terms of international students from abroad on exchange programmes.

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Coldiretti is the main farmers’ organization at the Italian and European level. Founded in 1944 by Paolo Bonomi, today has 1.5 million associates. Visit to find out more.

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Novamont is one of the world-leading groups in the circular bioeconomy sector and in the development and manufacturing of bio-based and biodegradable products that, thanks to their biodegradability in different environments, can contribute to the protection of ecosystems and natural capital.

Through the integration of chemistry, agriculture and the environment, Novamont promotes an industrial model based not only on the efficient and sustainable use of renewable resources, but also as a factor for territorial regeneration.

Soil health is crucial to a bioeconomy model that puts local regeneration at its core. For this reason, Novamont’s innovative model relies on the reconversion of decommissioned or no longer competitive industrial sites, on an agricultural value chain integrated in the local area, and on products designed to solve specific environmental concerns, closely related to soil and water quality.

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Politecnico di Torino (Turin Polytechnic) was founded as an institution in 1906, but its origins go back further. It was preceded by the Scuola di Applicazione per gli Ingegneri (Technical School for Engineers) founded in 1859. Today, Politecnico is ranked among the European main technical universities, with over 35,700 students, 16% of whom come from more than 100 foreign countries.
At Politecnico, teaching and research in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Design and Urban Planning merge to offer concrete answers to students’ needs, promoting the internationalization of learning, research and technological transfer, through collaboration with the best universities and research centres in the world and agreements with industrial groups at international and local level, where Politecnico plays an effective role in fostering innovation and development.

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