11 June 2023

Three webinars help build living labs for soil health


The initiative takes place within the European project NATI00NS. The three webinars, each with its own focus, are scheduled for June 22, June 29 and July 6. Common objective: to stimulate applications for EU Mission Soil calls and to develop Living Labs capable of developing repeatable actions in favor of soil health

by Emanuele Isonio


What are Living Labs? Why did the European Union decide to stimulate the birth of this tool to achieve the objectives of the Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe”? How can they help in the challenge of restoring continental soils to health? How do you build and manage a successful Living Lab? And how can you take part in the calls and tenders open as part of the Mission Soil? So many questions on which the possibility of achieving the ambitious objectives that the EU has set itself on the soil issue depends (and, more generally, on the front of the possibility of achieving climate neutrality of the continent by mid-century). The answers will come from a series of three free webinars organized within the European project NATI00NS. A way to be alongside people interested in starting and running a Living Lab.

“Attendees can look forward to in-depth discussions on Living Lab creation, governance and business models, and the application process for Living Labs as part of the invitation of the Horizon Europe mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe'” explain the promoters.

Webinars and more

The first webinar, entitled “The Living Lab essentials – how to set up a Living Lab”, is scheduled for June 22 from 10:00 to 11:30 CEST (free registration by filling out the form on the NATIooNS project website). Further dates and detailed descriptions of upcoming webinars are available on the NATI00NS website. The next ones are scheduled for 29 June and 6 July.

But the webinar series isn’t the only tool the NATI00NS project has deployed to help those looking to develop Living Labs. In fact, it has activated a matchmaking platform to facilitate collaboration and the creation of consortia. This platform acts as a hub for connecting with potential partners from different countries, enabling the formation of project consortia.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of personalized support throughout the application process, the NATI00NS project has developed a dedicated helpdesk offering a list of frequently asked questions  as well as the possibility to fill in a form to send personalized questions and requests.

The NATI00NS project

NATI00NS is a European project funded under the mission ‘A Soil Deal for Europe'”. It is coordinated by the University of Aarhus (Denmark). His main goal? Reach out and prepare regional and national stakeholders across Europe to request and implement Living Labs for soil health. In this way, the aim is to facilitate the development of the EU mission “A Soil Deal for Europe”

The project will therefore act as a “messenger” for Mission Soil. It will sensitize the different stakeholders, providing access to materials and information for the development of their know-how, stimulating discussions on the best configurations of Living Labs to meet the needs of soils in different areas and promoting the meeting for regional cross-clusters of Living Labs .

“NATI00NS will notably facilitate national engagement events in all EU countries. We want to create awareness of the objectives of Mission Soil and the opportunities for funding the Living Labs,” explains Niels Halberg, professor at Aarhus University and coordinator of the NATI00NS project.