25 August 2021

Without the bioeconomy we will not be able to protect soil health


On Friday 1st October at 10 a.m., Re Soil Foundation organizes a web conference as part of the PreCOP26 initiatives. Twelve internationally renowned experts will explain the role of the bioeconomy in safeguarding the quality of European soils

by Emanuele Isonio

Agri-food, paper, fashion system, energy, water and waste utilities. And again wood, pharmaceutical and biobased chemical industry. Extremely different production sectors that have been experiencing a common process for some years: they are all permeated by the widespread use of biological resources, including waste, to produce goods and energy. In one word: bioeconomy. A well-established phenomenon that is continuing to grow in terms of production despite the crisis linked to the pandemic caused by Covid-19 (its weight – a report recalled a few months ago made by Intesa San Paolo, Cluster Spring and Assobiotec – has in fact exceeded 10 % of the total).
The trend involves all of Europe. Undoubtedly a good sign, given the increasingly urgent need to rethink the economic development model to make it more resilient to climate change and to reduce climate-altering emissions.
From the bioeconomy, the solutions to decarbonise the atmosphere
The bioeconomy also plays an essential role in another mission closely connected with the fight against decarbonisation of the atmosphere: that of helping to restore the soil to health. The most important of resources, essential for food production and also to contain carbon underground. However, 60-70% of European soils are not healthy. Furthermore, 25% of those in the Mediterranean area are at risk of desertification. Creating a link between the circular bioeconomy, the creation of value and resources from locally produced waste and soil regeneration is therefore an unavoidable challenge. How can this be done?
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The presence of organic carbon in the soil in the EU – 2015 (g / kg). SOURCE: JRC, 2018.

To answer this question, the Re Soil Foundation organizes a web conference on 1 October from 10 to 12.30. The meeting will be attended by 12 experts of international standing (here the link for registration and the complete program of speakers). The appointment will be held on the occasion of the Pre-COP26 in Milan and is included among the partner events of the “All4Climate“, launched by the italian Ministry of Ecological Transition to bring together a vast program of ideas, projects and analyzes on climate change offered by associations, research, universities and local communities.
Among the realities represented in the planned interventions: the intergovernmental technical panel on soil ITPS, the Directorate General for Agriculture of the European Commission, the Fridays for Future movement, the International Union of Soil Sciences, Novamont, Coldiretti, Legambiente and the Italian consortia of composters and biogas.