Vallezzo Bellini e Rognano (PV) – Lombardia

Vallezzo Bellini e Rognano (PV) – Lombardia

The Villarasca Neorurale S.N.C. Agricultural Society of Francesco Natta is a rice-growing company with an extension of about 270 hectares located in the Pavia plain, which combines innovation and environmental protection, thanks to precision farming techniques and innovative management of rice-field chambers.
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The farm is located immersed in the Po Valley, whose soils were formed as a result of very complex processes of pedogenesis, characterized mainly by alluvial origin. The soils in the area are very different from area to area; in fact, they present a wide heterogeneity.


Villarasca Neorurale S.N.C.
The farm manager, Francesco Natta, has specialized in rice cultivation and management techniques over the years. Although it is a monoculture, the farm has always paid attention to environmental issues, developing innovative techniques in the field of rice farming. Thanks to excellent management and optimization of water resources, it has implemented water control systems in the rice fields, the so-called rice Field Margins, which allow the water to remain throughout the year.

Villarasca Neorurale S.N.C. Villarasca Neorurale S.N.C.
Rice Fieled Margins have the environmental purpose of conserving and protecting aquatic biodiversity during the drying phase of paddy field chambers. This is essential for the continuity of the life cycles of numerous living things that flow into the rice paddies at the time of flooding, bringing biodiversity and beneficial insects into the cultivated field.

The perennial marginal wetlands create a biodiversity reserve composed of insects of different species, birds native to the area, and micro and meso fauna. This specific diversity is extremely useful for pest control, which allows the farm to reduce the use of unsustainable chemicals.

During the winter period, the planting of green manure crops is practiced, i.e., the planting of plant species that naturally allow soil fertility to be enriched and soil erosion and degradation to be reduced. In addition, the company uses renewable organic matrices, which are applied in its fields through timely and controlled precision farming techniques.
Villarasca Neorural Agricultural Society’s is a sustainable agriculture not only economically but also environmentally, which will be able to ensure that the fertility and quality of its agricultural products and soil are maintained.