Francavilla Marittima (CS) – Calabria

Piazza Divina Provvidenza 1, Francavilla Marittima (CS) – Calabria
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Società Agricola Terzeria s.r.l. is a farm and livestock enterprise located in the Sibari Plain in Calabria, with a benefit corporation status and a focus on organic defense and fertilization. The farm set-up is Mediterranean polycultural, with a view to multifunctional and environmentally protective agriculture; it is also characterized by being the southernmost farm where rice is produced using the submergence agronomic technique.
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Their multifunctional and environmentally conscious agriculture has led the company to recover soils with agronomic problems (characterized by being saline and poor in organic matter) and give them a second life, making them fertile and productive.


Società Agricola Terzeria

The recovery of degraded soils was made possible by the agronomic techniques used, such as crop rotation and careful tillage and management of soil and organic matter.

Società Agricola Terzeria
A reduction of chemical inputs administered to different crops has been carried out for years. In fact, Terzeria uses compost of natural and organic origin, obtained from the recovery and valorization of the organic fraction of urban solid waste, produced by a local certified company (CIC) and in short chain (Calabra Maceri e Servizi).

Società Agricola Terzeria Società Agricola Terzeria
Positioned in the “ecological corridor” that connects the surrounding protected areas of the Sibari Plain (Foce del Crati Nature Reserve and Pollino National Park), the farm combines production activities with environmental and landscape activities, going to increase crop diversity and land cover and develop an agronomic scheme in harmony with the surrounding landscape. This farm approach enables the development and creation of essential ecosystem services for people.

Società Agricola Terzeria
It also adopts solutions to reduce erosion and soil degradation with careful and meticulous management and optimization of water resources and mechanical tillage. The company makes use of self-compensating microflow irrigation systems with low operating pressure and the technique of subirrigation; it has also built a first water storage tank of about 6000 m3. In addition, through a dense network of piezometers, Terzeria carries out careful monitoring of groundwater in the area.

Terzeria is a combination of innovative techniques, respect for the environment and natural resources, and perfect landscaping, demonstrated daily through careful environmental monitoring of soil conditions, irrigation water quality, meteorological analyses, and phytophagous insect populations.