Cumiana (TO), Piemonte

Strada Piscina 34, Cumiana (TO), Piemonte

Cascina Felizia Cascina Felizia has been involved in grain growing and poultry farming for over 60 years. The welfare of their 50,000 animals is a top priority that led them to be Aviculturist of the Year in 2017 and 2019. In addition to caring for the animals, the company is constantly evolving, always looking for innovative systems that benefit the environment and the land around them. The great commitment and passion allowed the beginning of a collaboration with the University of Turin, becoming an Educational Farm.
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Cascina Felizia is developed in a plain area close to the foothills of the Piedmont Alps, the aera is characterized by moderately evolved lowland Inceptisuoli, with a useful depth that does not exceed 60-90 centimeters and the presence of a groundwater table close to the surface. For this reason, Cascina Felizia has decided to protect the farm soils and those that characterize the surrounding area through the use of best practices.


Cascina Felizia
The company during its years of operation has shown great care not only for the welfare of its animals, but also for the land they occupy. It has focused on biodiversity protection through the creation of a flower strip according to the “Barilla protocol,” which has been implemented through the planting of different species of flowers and periodically monitored from an entomological point of view. In 2023, the strip was enriched in its biodiversity through the planting of fruit trees and Paulownia. The resulting fruits are not for sale or self-consumption, but instead for the nutrition of insects and birdlife; through the planting of Paulownia, a fast-growing species, atmospheric CO2 storage was implemented instead.

In the cultivation of cereals, the company follows the innovative specification of sustainable agriculture, the “Carta del Mulino,” following a path of continuous improvement in product quality, implementation of biodiversity, reduction of chemicals and protection of pollinating insects.
Cascina Felizia is a perfect example of an environmentally conscious company, embedded in its territory, whose goal is to bring healthy food from clean and responsible supply chains.

Starting with the farm’s poultry manure shipped to a special facility, vermicompost production is carried out.

In order to obtain an excellent product and to safeguard the soil surrounding the barns used for breeding, the focus is on reducing chemical inputs, avoiding the use of insecticides for breeding and instead aiming for a meticulous hygiene and cleaning system.