Contrada Costa Bianca 4, Ripalimosani (CB)

Contrada Costa Bianca 4, Ripalimosani (CB)
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The farm has been active since 2007, with a strong eco-sustainable and land reclamation vocation; it has restored uncultivated and abandoned lands that had been abandoned for decades in the high hills of Molise, cultivating them with organic vineyards.

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The Agricolavinica farm is located in the hills of Ripalimosani between 550 and 750 meters above sea level. The hills are those typical of the Apennines, where clay soils, marls, arenaceous crusts and detrital limestones that were formed more than 50 million years ago are encountered. It originates on an untouched territory, rich in vegetation and dense with oak forests for a total area of about 220 hectares.


It is in this territorial context that the farm tenants protect biodiversity, eco-sustainability of the environment and increase crop diversity. Along with vines and olive trees, the farm grows organic “senatore cappelli” wheat and spelt as well as some local varieties of “agostinello” corn, cannellini bean, and native apples, obtaining small productions.

Over the past 10 years, despite the 100 hectares of forests and pastures already on the farm, CO2 reserves in the soil have been improved by continuing to implement this area by an additional 15 hectares through afforestation with native essences of oak, hornbeam, manna ash, turkey oak and wild cherry.
In addition, additional plantings of fruit trees, apples, hazelnuts and olive trees have recently been implemented for an additional 20 hectares.

All activity is carried out according to organic farming protocol and beyond, without any irrigation system (dry farming). It is the snow that generally melts at the end of winter that represents the reserve of water that penetrates deep into the soil and aquifers and constitutes the best reserve for drought periods. This allows, especially the root system of the vineyards, to descend deep in search of the aquifers in which the Molise territory is extremely rich. The recovery of a natural pond aimed at safeguarding biodiversity is also in the works, as well as the creation of a small water reserve for possible relief irrigation considering the recent rather dry years.

Agricolavinica Agricolavinica

The farm works with conservative cultivation techniques, particularly in vineyards, olive groves and orchards, soil management is done by chopping all pruning residues and grass when and where necessary and using only natural products thus eliminating all chemical inputs.

VI.NI.CA farm adopts advanced technologies such as precision farming in defense, using equipment to better plan and minimize interventions.

To combat erosion and soil degradation, all fruit trees and especially vineyards in the area of about 30 hectares are grassed, non-irrigated and built with wooden poles for better integration into the environment.