Casale di Teverolaccio, Succivo (CE) – Campania

Via XXIV Maggio snc, Casale di Teverolaccio,
Succivo (CE)

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Coop Terra Felix is a local landmark from the point of view of environmental and social animation, thanks to its collaboration with many associations such as Legambiente and Libera. The Cooperative cultivates different plant species, recovering ancient native varieties in addition to having recovered polluted land requisitioned from the mafias with no-food species for bioeconomy. The Cooperative has built a network of urban gardens in which social integration projects are carried out. It has also created an Ecomuseum for land promotion and redevelopment of abandoned areas.

The Terra Felix project was born from the desire to regenerate a territory, starting precisely from those lands confiscated from organized crime, contaminated and degraded lands.
These lands and their soils are now being regenerated thanks to the different cultivations of horticultural plants, grapes, legumes, cereals and thistle.


Coop Terra Felix Coop Terra Felix
Among the various species cultivated by the cooperative, it is important to focus in particular on one: thistle. This is a non-food plant with high capacity to absorb pollutants, proving effective in phytoremediation of soils. In addition, the oil produced from the thistle seed is perfect for creating bioplastics (which reduce the use of plastics) and for producing pelargonic acid, a natural herbicide used to replace other chemicals and pollutants. In addition, the dried residues of the thistle plants, turned into cubes, are used as a natural base for growing mushrooms produced by the cooperative itself.

The cooperative is extremely connected to its territory, which is why it focuses on the recovery of old local and indigenous varieties in the area, planting and cultivating them in a network of social gardens dedicated to the recovery of urban and peri-urban areas. Showing a fantastic global and systemic approach in its organization, Terra Felix is also involved in territorial animation and promotion of environmental education activities and educational paths for the redevelopment of the territory, in collaboration with soil realities and associations (such as Legambiente, Geofilis, Fondazione con il Sud, Libera).

Coop Terra Felix
The cooperative pays special attention to eliminating the use of plastic; in fact, instead of plastic they adopt bioplastic materials, which are easier to dispose of and non-polluting.

Terra Felix utilizza tecniche di precision farming per ottimizzare le risorse utilizzare e per aumentare l’efficacia del proprio lavoro.